If you have committed to adhere to healthy food this year, congratulations! You are doing something that will have huge long-term prospects for your overall health and physique. The desire to eat well, however, can be a little tricky if you do not spend time in the kitchen. If you do not know how to cook, how then can you eat right?

Do not give up halfway through your resolution of proper nutrition, after the first setback! Six athletes came together to share some of their favorite cooking methods. They are not professional cooks, but simply people who have gained life experience. Use their ideas in practice and you will eat more healthy food.


Tip # 1 For healthy cooking: use sprays


The use of oil in the kitchen is a must, but often its amount is a bit difficult to measure. "I usually pour oil," says MusclePharm athlete Alyssa Smith. "I switched to a roll with a sprinkler, which allowed to reduce the number of calories that I consume."

If you also constantly pour your frying pan with oil, before throwing a chicken in there, try a spray instead of an ordinary bottle. You will undoubtedly use less oil and, accordingly, use fewer calories. Alyssia has a favorite sprinkler with coconut oil.

Sprays are an excellent choice for cooking because it is a healthy fat with an excellent taste and a highburning temperature, that is, this oil can withstand high temperatures during cooking. For more information you can check Best Instapot Guide


Tip # 2 For healthy cooking: try to limit the intake of salt


Many people consume too much salt. This is not surprising with our dependence on fast food, frozen and prepackaged dishes. Usually people consume salt more than the recommended limit of 2300 milligrams a day.

If you have already started your plan for a healthy diet and have removed salt from certain foods, then your sodium intake is probably well below the recommended limit.

Nevertheless, if you aspire to go to the next level, consider cleaning your spices. Smith recommends the use of salt-free condiments that can come in handy if you are preparing for a competition or a photo shoot. So you will have maximum control over the daily intake of salt.

"There are a number of foods that contain a lot of neat options, so you do not have to force yourself to eat tasteless food," Smith says. You can also add herbs naturally without sodium, such as rosemary, garlic and oregano, to improve the flavor.


Tip # 3  For healthy cooking : buy products on sale


If expensive food is the main reason why you can not eat so correctly, then you need a small lesson on saving at the grocery store. A healthy meal should not be expensive.

"A healthy diet can be much cheaper if you check the possibility of weekly food coupons being used at grocery stores." Always buy goods by season and look for food that goes on sale, "Smith says. Of course, being conservative in relation to your hard-earned money, it may take a little longer for you, but this extra time will bring you extra cash in your pocket.

Smith also recommends buying a hen in bulk and keeping it in the freezer. If you always have products at hand, like this one, then you do not have to visit the grocery store often. Look for food warehouses, if possible, to save on bulk purchases.